Double Hung Offset Bulb Weatherstrip

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BiltBest Window Parts Double Hung Offset Bulb Weatherstrip

You can use weatherstrip in your home to seal air leaks around movable building components, such as doors or operable windows. For stationary components, caulk is the appropriate material for filling cracks and gaps.

Before applying weatherstripping in an existing home, you will need to detect the air leaks and assess your ventilation needs to ensure adequate indoor air quality.

Choosing Weatherstrip

Choose a type of weatherstrip that will withstand the friction, weather, temperature changes, and wear and tear associated with its location. For example, when applied to a door bottom or threshold, weatherstrip could drag on carpet or erode as a result of foot traffic. Weatherstrip in a window sash must accommodate the sliding of panes -- up and down, sideways, or out. The weatherstrip you choose should seal well when the door or window is closed but allow it to open freely.

Double Hung Offset Bulb Weatherstrip - Top Rail Weatherstrip. Priced per foot, min 5' up to 25'.


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